WCW: Lexi Smith

We have recently started to grow our team by adding some good talented photographers to the team. These new photographers will bring you guys some great content from the automotive scene to glamor shots with beautiful ladies. We are excited to have them on the team. This is our photographer Chris aka Sasquatch snapshots.

Chris met up with Lexi and got some shots taken of her rocking our Against All Odds tank top. For some reason everyones favorite tank top is the red color. As you can see from the shots below that she looks beauti-ful (no pun intended lol) wearing our tank.

lexshoot 010

lexshoot 015

She was excited to shoot with us

lexshoot 018

Follow her on IG @LeexiSmith

lexshoot 024

lexshoot 025

lexshoot 032

lexshoot 040

lexshoot 046

lexshoot 051

Project Beauti: Q&A

Where did you grow up?

What’s your ethnicity?

How old are you?
Im 17 but will be 18 in a week. 

How long have you been modeling?
This was my first time ever modeling. I would model just for fun for my friends

Do you like it?
Yeah kind of 

What do you do for fun?
I like to Party

What type of car do you drive?

What’s your dream car?

Are you single?
Well Kind of

Well what do you look for in a guy?
Tall, tan, nice smile, nice hair, muscles, intelligent, kind

What is your favorite type of food?

If you can have any type of super power what would it be?

Who is your favorite super hero?
The Dark Knight himself, Batman

What type of person are you?
I’m an Outgoing and laid back type of person.

What’s the coolest place you have traveled to?
The coolest place ive been to has to be Cuba

What type of music do you listen to?
All kinds but mostly heavy metal and rock

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