“The Rebirth” Collection

We couldn’t be more excited about “The Rebirth” collection. We wanted to create something that showcases the brands guidelines which is simplicity is key. We looked into every small detail that we wanted to accomplish for this collection, from the designs, fabric, and even the small details in our tags. Every piece of apparel in this collection has a meaning. Naming this collection “The Rebirth” really fit with our brands current state of reconstruction and development in designs.  

Within the first year we visualized something different for our next collection, we wanted to take something great and minimize the look of our logo without taking away from the simplicity of the design. We decided to rebrand ourselves early on because we knew that we wanted to give our viewers something unforgettable. 

 For this collection Project Beauti decided to bring in more items so our supporters can have an array of options. The first decisions we took for this new collection was to create a sweater hoodie (the most requested item), as well as a windbreaker. We armed ourselves with a windbreaker so that when we return to San Francisco we will be ready for the winds we survived in the beach this year. Since we reconstructed our brand we needed a new logo tee, that’s where the logo tee was born. Lastly but surely we had to give our supporters the “rise in the east set in the west tee”. The meaning behind the tee is the love we share of the Japanese culture. This tee celebrates the rise of the Japanese car culture in the East and the impact it created here in the West. This tee is also dedicated to our strong supporters out in the East coast for all the love they have showed us in the last year. We can’t wait to head out there next year for more events. We will be releasing this collection on 12.05.15 stay tuned for our next post which will showcase our look book for this collection. 

Logo Tee  $20


Zen Circle Sweater  $35


West To East Tee $20


Zen Circle Windbreaker $50


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