Project Beauti: Steve Corolla S

We want to introduce another new photographer to our team Jonathan. we saw some of his work a while back and really enjoyed his work. We posted up on instagram a while back about welcoming new photographers to our team and he applied and we like his work. So as of now he will be at show and events shooting for the brand. We are happy to  keep you guys update with all of his work from here on out.

Jonathan recently took some shots of our sponsor car owned by Steve who  we recently started to sponsor on our S/S Collection of our 2014-2015 campaign . He owns a clean 2013 Toyota Corolla S. He has it sitting on Megan racing suspension and running a Megan racing exhaust, and under the hood using an Injen cold air intake. He was previously running some XXR 531 wheels and now has upgrade to some Klutch wheels. He is sitting comfortably inside his car on some Corbeau racing seats.

As you can see from the shots believe it is nice and clean. He still has some stuff he wants to add to it and we cant wait to see how he turns this beauti-ful car to an even more beauti-ful one lol We just wanted to thank Steve for supporting the brand and rocking all of our gear at shows/events. Much Love.

Enough of him lol We got to talk about our newest photographer. He just killed these shots. They simply came out clean. We just love these shots. Especially the ones where Steve looks like a bad ass leaning on his car. Did we mention he also made a short video of the shoot? Video will be below as well. Thank you Jonathan for showing so much love to the brand and our team in the short time you have join the team.

Enough of us talking enjoy these shots and don’t forget to give both of them a follow.
Car: Steve
Photographer: Jonathan

Brand: Project Beauti








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