Yo, whats up guys! I know I’ve gone over a bit on how the brand started. Most of my beginning inspiration came from this song. I’m the type of guy who loves to listen to music that has meaning compare to just listing to a certain type of music because it is “cool”. This mixtape The soul tape 2 by Fabolous is one of his best piece of work. If you guys haven’t heard it i suggest you to do so. I was so happy for the release of this mixtape after his first soul tape that it really blew away my exception on how good it came out.

You guys might be saying didn’t this mixtape come out back in 2012 and did the brand released in 2014? Yeah, this brand has been in the works for quite some time since i was working on the concept on this brand. I don’t really want to go over so much into how the brand started more of where i got my inspiration for this brand. So enjoy the song it has a lot of meaning to me and behind my brand. One of my favorite lyrics out of the song is listed below of course there are more but this one stuck with me.

Of course this is only of many inspiration to evolve my brand from a concept to a great idea now so Thank you to those who understand the meaning for Project Beauti and I’m sorry for those who don’t. Don’t forget to get your gear here. Much love!

“I mean there’s beauty in everything, ya know
You just gotta recognize it
Shoutout to the people who do
And I feel sorry for the people who don’t”


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