SGPSociety X Project Beauti

Whats up guys. Its been a while since we’ve blogged we know. We’ve been busy with our personal lives that we haven’t had a chance to relax and focus on editing pictures. This is from earlier this month when we had the opportunity to shoot with our new friends over at SGPSociety. They were joined by Mr. Jay Martinez who was to cool to even wear any of our gear or even hit us up that he was tagging along lol. We are Just kidding jay. We have nothing but love for this guy. If you don’t know who he is then you should ASAP! He is a real humble guy and cool to hang out with. Enough about him haha, this is about the SGPSociety team.

We didn’t even know who they were until a while back they hit us up and wanting to shoot with our gear. We quickly wrote back to them and told them we would be honored for them to shoot with our gear. After that our friendship has grown. They are a down to earth team with beautiful models on their staff. Shaun, the photographer of the team is getting better every shoot that he has and his girlfriend aka the first lady of SGP Society is an amazing model (We love her style and look).

We were honored that they wanted to hang out with us on their trip to LA, so we made a date and planned out something. Well to be honest we didn’t plan anything. We kinda winged it on where to shoot. It was still a great time with them and of course our team as well. The time we hang was short but was well worth the time.

Down below are some shots we took from our Photographers, Alex and Josh. Enjoy!

Project Beauti: DTLA

Project Beauti: DTLA

Project Beauti: DTLA

We love Her <Insert the Heart popping eye out emoji> lol

Project Beauti: DTLA

No one wanted to give her a ride. We would have though lol

Project Beauti: DTLA

Project Beauti: DTLA

Project Beauti: DTLA

Project Beauti: DTLA

Project Beauti: DTLA

Project Beauti: DTLA

Project Beauti: DTLA

Her Smile

Project Beauti: DTLA

No Project Beauti Gear. </3

Project Beauti: DTLA

#WheresGianni & Co-Founder Josh

Project Beauti: DTLA

Smile!! Her tatts are DOPE!!!

Project Beauti: DTLA

Power Couple

Project Beauti: DTLA

Project Beauti: DTLA

Model: Angela

Project Beauti: DTLA

That Stance with some Starbucks!!!

Project Beauti: DTLA

Dont Look So Happy Shaun.


First they are away from each other than they are the best of friends lol


Some Dope Art in the Art District


Smile Shaun.


Wifey ❤



Squad Goals: SGPSociety x Project Beauti



Would be dope to shoot inside one of these lofts.


We wanted to get in but the cops where close by and we just got out of jail and we ain’t going back!!!!!!!


The Art District ❤


Project Beauti isn’t just about Beauti-ful models and cars. Its a streetwear lifestyle brand. We love dope art and cant wait to showcase more work from up and coming artist.



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