What I’m Bumping Vol. 1: Mr Pablo

So I’m trying something new on the blog. Im going to start talking about the music that I’m bumping. Thank God for Apple Music!! lol This feature will be about Kanye West aka Yeezus newest album, “The Life of Pablo”!! I’ve always been a fan of Kanye since his first album, which was back in 2004. Crazy how quickly time fly’s it doesn’t even feel like its been out for over 10 years. If you look at the cover you probably have noticed I’ve only placed 3 album covers. The reason for this is because i believe those were his best albums i know some of you may disagree with but thats my opinion and my blog, so suck it!! lol I was scared for this album to be honest but after hearing it completely i actually liked it except for that designer song (wtf Kanye). This album was done really good and it was a pretty long one at over an hour long and 20 tracks in totals. These next songs are my favorites of the album. Enjoy!

As soon as i heard this album i fell in love with this song. Why? Because everyday i wake up its a beautiful morning with Project Beauti of course hahaha cheesy i know lol

This chorus is on point especially when he goes off at Ray J lol well not really off but calls him poor haha

Anything that Chris Brown gets his hands on turns into a hit and this is no exception.

I love that flow with the beat and him rapping (1:47) and then weekend with those vocals!

This songs hits right in the feels. Those who i thought were my real friends have left my life sadly.Thank God i still have my family and those day ones who are still with me since elementary which to some it is a shocker that i still have friends since that young of an age.

This beat is just F**ken crazy. Song starts at (1:13).

Another one to bump your head to

I know you guys might hate me for this but I’m not a big fan of kendrick now but i actually like this song. I feel like he isn’t the same as far as flow from his first album (Section.80) and mixtape (Overly Dedicated).

I’m ending this blog with fade. If this song doesn’t get you in the mood to dance like Teyana Taylor in this video then you definitely have an issue hahah enjoy and hope to do more features like this in the future depending on what I’m listening to. Much love



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