What I’m Bumping Vol. 2: 1992

I know its a bit late now for what I’m bumping especially since this album has been out since mid-October. I personally love this album starting from track 3 but where i start to bob my head is when track 4 starts until the end. I personally love how many songs he sampled to give this album that 90’s feel. This has been a long await album to be honest for all the game fans. He has been slipping as of late. In my opinion his last good album was Jesus Piece. Track 1-3 were good but it was something missing with them don’t get me wrong i still enjoyed them but after track 4 then i start to really enjoy the album.

Track 4 F**k orange juice.

This sample is one of the best samples ever. Ice Cube has even sampled it. The OG of this song is by GrandMaster Flash.

Track 5 The Juice

Track 6 Young N***as

Track 7 The Soundtrack

Track 8 I grew up on Wu-tang

This is a classic sample of course because of wu-tang. I personally grew up to tupac though sadly.

Track 9 However do you want it

this sample is one of my favorite in my opinion because its from soul II soul and its one of my favorite songs of the album

Track 10 Baby you

Track 11 What your life like

If this song doesn’t getting you to bob your head then you are not into good music.

Track 12 92 Bars

that 92 lifestyle with that 92 bars.


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