What Im Bumping Vol. 3 : DAVE EA$T

Yo, what’s up. So what am i bumping now!? To be honest I’ve been listening to this dude since his latest release, Kairi Chanel, which came out last year (2016) in September. I didn’t start to actually listen to it back until October and this album is straight fire. Really excited to hear Nas is sponsoring this dude. He’s bringing back that old hip hop feel, what i mean by that is that he is bringing back that story telling and the poetry that all these new  hip hop artist are not brining to the table. Don’t get me wrong some are still bringing it and that’s why I only like a few of the new artist and this guy is one of them, he has bars for days.

So of course i had to check out his other work on iTunes since i have apple music and makes it easy for me to check out the rest of his work  I don’t know how i was living before buying each album individually. His other two albums that show up on apple music are his old 2014 mixtape Black Rose, and his 2015 mixtape Hate Me Now. Each one of these tapes are amazing. These are one of those few mixtapes that you don’t skip a song you let it play through from start to finish and you wont regret it.

With this blog I’m going to let you guys listen to my favorite songs off of each tape. Enjoy and don’t forget to support real artists and your homies!

Black Rose;

Dam this songs just reminds me of that song by Nas- Book of Rhymes. I totally forgot the name of the song and it took me literally like 20 minutes lol I personally think Nas is one of the all time greats from the east coast. He is definitely one of the greatest poets and Dave East definitely has the potential to be as good as him.

Just listen to the word play. Enjoy.

Hate Me Now;

I feel like Hate Me Now is a mixtape that is a lot harder to pick from just because black rose only had 7 tracks and Hate Me Now almost has 3x the tracks. So I’m going to try to pick the best of the best from this tape. Enjoy.

I’m personally a big fan of push t aka king push. This track is Dope. Dave east has bars for days!!!!!!!

Yeah I’m with Dave East on this! No Coachella For Me Im Stuck in the Trap!

That intro, “Been a while since I felt anything man. Body cold. I don’t feel nothing no more. No shine, no rain, no crying, no pain, no love, no hate. I don’t feel it. No feelings, let me just live. Numb to the world”…. Dam those shivers you get from the good old days of hip hop.”

Kairi Chanel;

That poetry in this song. True poet from Harlem. Nas you did a good job co-signing this dude. Now you and jay have some true talent coming out of the east.

Type of Time

That story telling!!!!

Dave east and Mr. loso. You know i had to put this down. Shoutout to the lakers!!!

This track really hits with whats going on right now. This songs needs to get some radio play. This is what hip hop is missing as of late. NO one is really making tracks like this any more. Really glad dave east is still spitting poetry like this and i hope he never stops.

Dude this track just makes you thinks. The stuff he is spitting is crazy. No one loves music like this anymore i have no idea why, but i do know that I’m going to continue to support him.

Going back to back with dave east and The Game was straight fire. This is definitely a good way to end the album. Can’t wait for Dave East next album.


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