What I’m Bumping Vol. 4: I Decided

To be honest I wasn’t the biggest fan of big sean. He had a few great hits in my honest opinion. Some of his albums could’ve been better but they are still good albums. I really started vibing with him when he took out Dark Sky Paradise. Why? Well because he was on tour with the one and only Mr. Cole World. So, I had to listen to his new album and I was hooked. From the first track to the last it was straight up fire. He performed that album really good and the concert experience was one of a kind in my opinion.

Fast forward 2 years later he announces that he is releasing a new album and on my birthday weekend? You know I was excited. I listen to this album about 10 times the whole weekend. The same day it releases I didn’t even get out of my car until I finished the whole album. I just looked like a weirdo bumping his album sitting in my car lol

The first song of the album was straight up poetic. Unfortunately, i wasn’t able to find a youtube video for it so you guys can hear it. Sorry.

The second song of the album was one his first single of the album Bounce Back. I like this song a lot, especially for the gym. It gets me motivate.

The third song of the album shocked me. I didn’t expect Eminem to be a part of this album and the sampling is on point. Both of them went hard on this song.

So for the fourth song track 5, I couldn’t find a video on youtube either sadly. 😦

Onto track 6, is one of his other singles, “Moves” Enjoy!

I won’t really post every song that I like since I think it will be too much, don’t you think? Well, let me know maybe next time I will but this is a short album.

Track 7 and 8 are Dope!! TWENTY88 is legit. Can’t wait for that new album!!

The third single of the album and the last for now is straight up fire. The metaphors on this song are deep.

Track 10….. The voices in my head were telling me this was a banger as soon as long as I stick with the plan. hahaha

Track 11, The beat alone will make you want to start bobbing your head. He goes deep on this song. Like how can people not like this type of HipHop? This is the stuff that Pac would rap about. HipHop is about storytelling and I can guarantee he would be proud of him like I am.

Track 12, NO music video or video for this song once again. Another dope song. Project Beauti wants to be able to inspire you.

Track 13, Was alright. Why Migos? why not the 3 amigos? For Y3AR? hahaha

Track 14, Bigger than me; Dam I wanted to end this blog with this dope song. Sad I couldn’t find another video for it.

I love this album. I think this will be one of the best albums of the year other than wales SHINE. I hope lol Much love and enjoy this album.


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