What I’m Bumping Vol. 5: Too High to Riot

This dude Bas is one dope poet. If you guys don’t know by now, I call all of the artists who are can spit poets. This guy is no exception. I basically found out about him when J cole was performing in the Staple center back in 2014 for this born sinner tour. Ever since that tour, I gave him a shot and he has not disappointed. I even forgot that he even came out in one of DJ Khaled song called, Hell Kitchen I suggest you guys check it out. His 2014 album Last Winter was really good. I think that album was really underrated but at least it made it onto the billboard 200.

Enough of Bas past accomplishments. Let talk about his future. I wasn’t keeping up with him and when i found out he release his new album i was excited especially on what the Dreamville camp has been taking out as of late you know i had high hope for this album and it didn’t disappoint. What I mean was that a few months before Bas release his new album the Dreamville team released their collaborate album “Revenge of the Dreamers II”. It was straight FIRE!!

Well, let’s get into the album. It’s a short one with only 12 tracks but they are quality tracks. I usually skip some songs but this whole album is a work of art from start to finish. From the instrumental to the vocals to even the album cover I think they amazing job and deserve a 10/10 on this project. Another great thing about this album is that he is making a music video for every song on his album and he is almost done. I love when an artist is able to paint the picture they are talking about on their songs and Bas is able to do it without a doubt.

Check out this dope documentary of Bas Too High To Riot tour.

The first track of the album called “Too High to Riot” The wordplay on this song is crazy and especially to start out an album of this way you know that the rest is going to be great. Sometimes you just can’t do anything even if you want too.

Track 2- Methylone; He talks about the type of drugs that we are thinking that we taking but they are totally different. He goes into detail on how he wants to be able to test people character like people can test out on what type of drugs you are on.

Track 3-Dopamine; Don’t you ever think you can’t accomplish anything. This song goes into detail that no matter how many hardships you are enduring that you should never give up.

Track 4- Housewives; Such a catchy song and the wordplay on those who are talking smack to him but yet acting like a housewife. Damm lol

Track 5- Miles and Miles; this song is more of an interlude.

Track 6- Live For; I think this song hits you right in the heart. Like dam makes you want to shed a tear. Actually, it does make you shed a tear and makes you think of your love ones. I love this song.

Track 7- Clouds Never Get Old; My favorite line is, “My best pick up line is young n****a with money, I ain’t playing”.

Track 8- Matches- This Hics are really dope haven’t heard about them until this album and i fell in love with their style and Bas rapping just makes this song complete.

Track 9- Night Job- Ok this song is dope AF. Bas killed this song but J. Cole murdered this killer beat. I don’t think J. Cole should be allowed to collab with Bas anymore because they always bring the heat.

Track 10-Ricochet; Once again just like I said for track 8. The Hics are just amazing. The vibe on this song is just amazing. He starts to reflect on life and his family friends.

Track 11- Penthouse; Dam Penthouse has to be one of my favorites songs not just because it was directed in japan but because of the lyrics. He goes off in his second verse. He talks about not being able to see his family because he is busy working and that he is trying to take care of everyone and even though he hasn’t been there he hasn’t changed the person who he was.

Track 12- Black Owned Business; This whole track finishes the album correctly. Ending it with this song was a good move on his part because it will motivate people to continue to be successful and go towards your dream. The second verse says that they don’t support people going to college but they support them going back to prison it an opportunity for us to be able to fight the norm and not follow what everyone is thinking about.

Let me know what you guys think of this album and don’t forget to check out the rest of the Dreamville team.


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