What I’m​ Bumping Vol. 6: All-Amerikkkan BadA$$

Who’s been listing to my dude Joey since the beginning? None of you? Well, neither have so it’s all good. I could have sworn that he mad crappy music like the rest of the “rappers” that are rapping nowadays but I was wrong. I started to listen to his since last year about the time he took out his song devasted. Then I started to listen to some of his older work like Summer Knights and B4.DA.$$. Those are the albums that made me want to support this young man.

All-Amerikkkan Bada$$ give that old 90’s feel a bit of a Pac vibe, to be honest. I love the album I personally will give it a 10/10. From the beginning of the first track, I started bobbing my head. The work that was put on this album was great from the instrumental to vocals to even the artwork for the album were simply amazing.

The album starts off with the first track, “Good Morning Amerikkkan”. Talks about freedom and what is going on in the world right now. It’s a good intro song to start of the album the right way.

Track 2: For my People. Dam this song just hits you. I love music that can kill the beat and have a meaning behind the words they spitting just like a true poet.

Track 3: Temptations. The intro this song really hits you. Like damn what’s wrong with this world.

Track 4: Land of the Free. One word DEEP!

Track 5: Devastated. This is one the songs I first started bumping from Joey because he straight up KILLED IT. Why? Because no matter how low you get you can always succeed.

Track 6: Y U Don’t Love Me?

Track 7: Rockabye Baby.; I think school boy Q completes this song. Without him, on this track, it wouldn’t have that Westcoast feeling on this dope beat.

Track 8: Ring the Alarm.

Track 9: Super Predator.

Track 10: Babylon.

Track 11: Legendary. What more can I say about this track, other then this song is purely amazing. It also may be J. Cole last feature verse ever. Do you understand how big that is? He is one of today’s best poets and it will be sad to never see him feature on another song.

Track 12: Amerikkkan Idol. This song is straight fire. “Dead presidents to represent me”. That’s what we need! Love how it gives you a 90’s feel to end this amazing work of art know as All Amerikkkan Bada$$ a Joey Bada$$ album.


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