Wekfest Long Beach 2017

On May 27th, 2017, Wekfest took place in Long Beach at the world famous Queen Mary. Around 6 AM hundreds of cars could be seen driving from all over the country to all gather for this exclusive event. Although those who were driving down the I-710 most likely caused traffic due to the ridiculously bumpy, uneven and beat up off-ramp, they definitely still made it. Everything from track ready BRZ’s to stanced out Ferrari’s. Heck, even a tastefully modified Prius was in the show sitting next to crazy modified S2000’s and S14’s.

Although I’ve heard of Wekfest in the past this is the first Wekfest event I had the opportunity to be a part of. Early admission to take pictures and meet the owners of the cars truly changes the way the show feels. You can really feel the passion for cars and can physically see the ideas that run through people’s mind on a canvas of their choice.

Wekfest is also full of vendors and sponsors who give away free items and truly make the experience feel different from your typical car show. Wekfest is extremely organized compared to some other events out there. It is definitely trying to provide a more “exclusive” experience. Meeting many great representatives from companies such as Super Street or Continental Tire also shows you that companies do actually care about their customers.

To keep it short, Wekfest is definitely a show worth checking out. They hold shows in both Northern and Southern California, Chicago and even Japan! I wouldn’t be surprised to see more locations popping up as well. The show is constantly growing and gaining exposure. I’m very excited for next year’s show and will definitely be attending. You’re more than likely bored of reading this so enjoy the pictures and be sure to share them!

P.S. My favorite car from the show was @e30bruh_eli’s E30.


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