We In Tokyo!! PT. I (Day 8-14)

Alright so if most of you guys still don’t know I f**ken love Japan! Not because of the food or the girls but because of the cars. Once we got back to Tokyo after our Hiroshima trip we head out to Odaiba right away, Why? Because I had to stop by mega web Toyota. So far this whole trip I didn’t do anything car related and that had to change ASAP!! It did lol I had such a great time and got some dope scale cars. Enjoy!

1963 Toyota Crown

Beautiful Levin

This is the GTR that brought everything together for Nissan.

My Dream Car

I found this really dope. I’m just a sucker for dope vintage signs.

Toyota 800 Sport in RED

Then we headed downstair of the Mega Web and that’s where we saw all of the Toyota rally cars and that’s where we bought some souvenirs

Toyota has such a beautiful and rich racing history and it’s just sad to see them not doing anything towards that as far as consumers wise other than their Lexus brand.

The one that started it all for Toyota. The beautiful 2000GT. Really happy i got myself a limited edition 1/24 scale of this in white of course.

After the Mega Web, we went to the Mega Web Toyota City Showcase. This is basically like a dealership they have all the new models out on display for people can check them out and to be honest if I live out in Japan these next four cars will be the ones I want. If you guys haven’t seen my latest VLOG coverage of this then go check it out.

Of course for a weekend car the 86

Crown X for a commuter? Hell yeah, you got to roll in Style.

Everyone needs a SUV so why not a TRD C-HR? lol

This TRD Van for when I have a family haha

Then we went up stairs where they had their Racecars

A brand new prototype and I’m liking it. Toyota Vitz GRMN Turbo

Then another called the Toyota I-TRL. Nasty looking but still kinda dope lol

Was really happy when I saw that they had an FT-1 Concept car. It’s so beautiful.

JDM AF cop cars lol

We end the day at Joypolis for the Initial D arcade game and it was amazing. Can’t wait to go back to do it again.

Unfortunately, I was not in Takumi AE86 I was in  Keisuke FD.

That pretty much sums up our night. It was all dedicated to cars. and it was amazing! Hope you guys enjoyed the blog. I could have sworn that I had more picture from Mega Web but I think it might have been when I was snap chatting lol. Oh well, don’t forget to watch my VLOG from my Japan trip on youtube, “92 Films”


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