We In Tokyo!! PT. II (Day 8-14)

So we started off the day going to a park next to Ueno station. If you guys saw Vlog 011 already you guys saw we stopped by a crepe shop then headed to the park. We got hustle by a lady who was trying to earn a quick buck. Well, I didn’t get hustled Carlos did though. Oh, thank you for warning me too because I would have felt bad too and got hustled.

The Saigo Takamori Statue.

After we got hustled and watched some people practice their baseball skills we head tot he zoo. We had time to kill and it wasn’t expensive at all about $5.

Such a beautiful NSX in front of someone’s house.

After the zoo, we finally made it to the mall where we accidentally went into a restaurant and got ourselves some Ox tail. I didn’t really know what to expect but it was pretty good a bit stiff.

We had to stop by the Pokemon center in Tokyo.

We later arrived at the Tokyo tower and it was amazing!

You can either go through this or go around, of course, i went through it so I can experience the Tokyo tower like a native. lol

It was pretty dope that they were celebrating the 20 years Aniversary for one piece. It sucks I didn’t get more souvenirs from the One Piece Tower.

Life Size Sanji

This is what Carlos order inside the restaurant for the one piece tower.

If you guys havent seen my VLOG of this and you love One piece you guys are missing out.

Dope swords from everyone in the anime.

Tokyo tower aka one pice tower was dope!!

The view from the tower.

See you until next time Tokyo tower.

The next day we head to Tokyo Disney Sea.

They were celebrating easter in june.

The attention to detail.

The entrance of tokyo disney sea.

The finding Nemo ride was dope!! Then we saw the slow sea lion inside the ocean it was hilarious.

Part of the ride for a roll coaste

So there were a bunch of egg in a circle in front of the tower of terror. I found it prety cool hence the reason i took a picture of all of them lol

Yes they were celebrating easter in june lol

Part of fantasmic. Until the next blog.


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