We In Tokyo!! Pt. III (Day 8-14)

This is the last and final blog for my Japan and to be honest, it’s going to suck, why? Because I won’t go back to Japan until 2019. Enjoy my last blog of Japan until 2019. This was the last couple of days we went out to the imperial palace, Tokyo sky tree, aquarium, j world, and the home cafe.  Enjoy and talk to you guys until the next blog and Vlog. Follow my channel for this whole trip on youtube click here.

If you guys are ever in Akasaka stop by this dope bakery that makes some amazing stuff. I would go here every morning that last week we were in Japan because it was amazing and the guy was really sweet and knew some English.

Next stop was the imperial palace.

So much beauti inside the palace.

This is a Pantera GTS which I thought it was a Ford GT for a moment which later I found that inside this baby had a ford v8 which later they started selling them in the States.

Yup we were up 350 floors

The view up sky tree was amazing.

Happy 5-year anniversary!!!

So they had this glass section which Carlos made go to and of course I was afraid, but I still did it, why? Thuglife!! hahaha

I jumped up and down on these glass windows and I was scared lol

Tokyo Sky Tree.

After we left sky tree we were starving so we found a dope little skewer spot and it was good and cheap. Sadly I don’t remember the restaurant name but it is located in Akasaka, Japan.

The following day we head out to the aquarium and they had some weird fishes that I personally have never seen before.

These are the famous human size Japanese spider crabs.

Since we were at the aquarium inside the mall we decided to finally stop by J world and I got to say it was amazing. HIghly recommend to stop by here especially if you love anime.

I wanted to touch it but it was frown upon if you did. Sad face.

The first spot that we went to in J world was the dragon ball z section and it was dope.

That Saiyan space pod was dope!!

I was OMWTFYB on my Flying Nimbus

The dragon radar!!!

Some of the times that use the dragon balls to make a wish.

Once you leave the dragon ball z section you see this as you are leaving!

Alright so we did this one piece treasure hunt type thing and I thought I did bad but I got a good bounty for doing bad. Unfortunately, Carlos only made it to the 100,000,000 berry amount.

After the one-piece treasure hunt we headed over to the Naruto section it was kinda small but still pretty dope the Akatsuki were literally leaving the hidden leaf village to take picture lol

My summoning justu!!!

Itachi Uchiha is Tripple OG

Ramen time. YUM!!!!

$7 bucks for some Naruto ramen, hell yeah!!

The whole menu for everything anime related in J world.

Sticker bomb some area in Tokyo again lol

Made it out the home cafe since Carlos said I had to do it, so I did and it was cool but weird at the same time since there were a bunch of nerds and old Japanese man who should have been at school or work instead of talking to the kawaii Japanese girls.

I got the dessert combo for $16, which includes my dessert and a drink and a picture with one of the home cafe girls.

The last day we saw these dope JDM AF hentai cars. Such a beautiful S15.

Suzuki? Apparently, they are very popular in Japan.



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