What I’m Bumping Vol. 7: Double or Nothing

Dam its been a while since I’ve blogged about what i am currently listing to. Sorry I’ve been slacking on a lot of stuff. I’ll start off from December since that’s the last month that I can remember what I was listening to nonstop. As you guys can guess

As you guys can guess it from the cover shot and the name of this blog it’s the collab work by Big Sean and Metro Boomin and it was straight fire!! I actually enjoyed this album a lot. If you guys still have not heard the album you guys need to ASAP if not you guys are missing out.


  1. Big Sean & Metro Boomin- Go Legend

2. Big Sean & Metro Boomin- Big Bidness

3. Big Sean & Metro Boomin- Who’s Stopping Me

4. Big Sean & Metro Boomin- Pull Up N Wreck

5. Big Sean & Metro Boomin- So Good

6. Big Sean & Metro Boomin- Savage Time: In my honest opinion this is probably the best song out of the whole album and don’t get me wrong I love this album.

7. Big Sean & Metro Boomin- Even the Odds

8. Big Sean & Metro Boomin- In Tune

9. Big Sean & Metro Boomin- In Tune

10. Big Sean & Metro Boomin- In Tune: Probably my second favorite song from the album.

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