What I’m Bumping Vol. 8: P2

Whats up guys!!!! Are you guys still sleeping on my dude Dave East? If so, stop what you guys are doing and head on over to Apple Music, Spotify, or even Youtube. You know what forget that head on over to our other blog that talks about his other albums/mixtapes on our page. If you guys like old school hip hop or that hardcore east coast flow dave east definitely brings that type of style back.

This album was released back in January didn’t even know it was released since one of my coworkers told me if I listen to it yet. I was like how can he release another one if he just releases paranoia last year. In my honest opinion, I believe that P2 was a lot better than Paranoia. What do you guys think? Let me know and enjoy his album!!

  1. Dave East- Talk to Big

2. Dave East- Prosper: I think of my favorites of the album.

3. Dave East- Woke Up Ft. Tory Lanez

4. Dave East- Powder: Another of my favorites. Bobbing your head type of music!

5. Dave East- Corey: I think this is his best song out of the whole album. That storytelling, how can you not enjoy that, Dave East is a true poet.

6. Dave East- Thank you

7. Dave East- I can not

8. Dave East- Regular Harlem S**t Ft Pimp Pimp P

9. Dave East-Annoying Ft T.I.

Both the song up top I couldn’t find on youtube sadly.

10.Dave East- What Made Me

11. Dave East- Violent Ft Lloyd Banks

12. Dave East- I Found Keisha

13. Dave East- Maintain Ft Bino Rideaux

14. Dave East- Never Been Ft Matt Patterson

15. Dave East- Grateful Ft Marsha Ambrosius

Dam I couldn’t any of these songs either. Whats going here? Come on Dave East!! Grateful is such an amazing song definitely recommend to hear this song first if anything. Plus my dude Dave got Marsha Ambrosius!!! Why not check this song out.


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