What I’m Bumping Vol. 10: Free Lunch

Dam I’ve missed a lot of good album to talk about. Well, I’m only going to post a couple of albums from one of my two favorite artists and they are both East Coast dude. If you guys can’t tell from the cover it the first artist is my dude Wale from the DMV. The second artist is…. well you’ll have to wait for me to post about him. His label mate just released a new album too if that helps you guys out on who I am talking about.

I have no idea why my boy Wale doesn’t get enough recognition for all his hard work? My dude has released 3 EP this year alone including this one. All three EP are all amazing work and he can combine them all to make a solid album. If you guys haven’t heard them or aren’t a Wale fan definitely check them out. You’ll become a fan after these 3 EP. The first one was called, “It’s Complicated” then the second was, “Self Promotion”.

Track 1: Dummies

Track 2: Ungrateful & Thankful

Track 3: 3 Days 3 Hours

Track 4: My boy Ft J.Cole

Track 5: Right Here Ft Eric Bellinger

Please… Please… Listen to this whole album from track 1-5. He needs a music video for every song on this EP but I know who won’t do it. Well, enjoy these tracks from Wale- Free Lunch EP.

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