Partial Sponsorship

How do i get a Full Sponsorship?
Only way to get a Full Sponsorship is by first being partially sponsored for 1 collection before you are in consideration for a Full sponsorship with the team.

What can i do to be in consideration on getting a Full Sponsorship?
To be able to become a full sponsorship candidate we look how you vibe with the team, how you support the team and represent the brand at all events.

These are the Details of this Sponsorship:
-Discount Gear*

-Must be able to put our Website/Brand on your bio.
-Must be able to put our Banner on your windshield

-If you take off any of our stickers from your car
-Don’t wear the gear at events.
-Taking off our website from your social media

How to Apply:
-Send us an email to
-Send us pictures of your car
-Send us your location and the shows you attend
-Send us a modification list
-Why you should be chosen?

Thank you to everyone for the love and support!

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IG: ProjectBeauti
FB: ProjectBeauti
Twitter: ProjectBeauti


*Must be able to purchase our newest collection at a discounted rate

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