Full Sponsorship

*First you must be partially sponsored before applying for this spot*

These are the Details of this Sponsorship:
– Free Gear

-Must be able to put our Website/Brand on your bio. (All Social media platforms)
-Must be able to put our Banner on your windshield
-Must be Exclusive to our Clothing Line Only!!
-Must be able to wear our gear at Car relative events.
-Must be able to promote the Brand!!

-If you take off any of our stickers from your car
-Don’t wear the gear at events.
-Stop promoting the brand on Social Media
-Taking off our website from your social media
-Not representing the brand the correct way.

How to Apply:
-Send us an email to TheProjectBeauti@gmail.com
-Send us pictures of your car
-Send us your location and the shows you attend
-Send us a modification list
-Why you should be chosen?

Thank you to everyone for the love and support!

Follow us:
IG: ProjectBeauti
FB: ProjectBeauti
Twitter: ProjectBeauti

Email: TheProjectBeauti@Gmail.com


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